nearlylauura (nearlylauura) wrote,

Bad News on this Glorious of Saturdays

I said I was going to get indifference back up this weekend but I've been experiencing problems.
  • Writer's block
  • A collection of my other fics that have distracted me
  • General laziness

So I'm hoping to get it up and some point next week although I'll try my hardest to get it up tomorrow if I can.

Also I've got all these fics going and I just want to know your opinions on which ones you'd like me to put up when I'm done with them? (They are all Ryden)
  • Indifference (obviously)- Band fic
  • Mind's Eye- Superhuman Au
  • The Hairdresser- Oneshot thingy where Brendon's a hairdresser and Ryan has hair problems
  • The Gardener- Brendon's at agricultural college and Ryan has a big house with a big garden and no friends (lolyes i said agricultural college) With pairings a gogo such as Peterick, Joncer, Gabilliam, Frerard I mean come on!
  • The First Nice Days Of My Life- My attempt at being depressing, basically Brendon spends 9 days with a boy called Ryan
  • Romeo and Juliet thingy- R&J gone Ryden ;)

Okay I think that is all.
Pleaseeee help me even though I probably don't deserve it!
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